Customised Products
We offer a wide range of different products. We can also customise every product to your own desires. We can add special ingredients, vitamins, proteins and any other wishes you may have. Our nutritionists make sure your wishes are made the most cost-efficient; combined with our up to date measuring-program we offer you your exclusive supplement.
Supplements are available in 25KG or 50LBS bags, big bags or by bulk in our trucks. Bags and big bags are automatically loaded on export pallets so products can be loaded easy. 25KG Bags are sealed with shrink-wrap and closed with plastic bag on the top. We can arrange the preferred transport; personal pick-up, shipping or transport by our own transport facilities.
Relying on HAVENS vast export-network to more than 55 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Americas, Australia or Japan, all MCSubstradd®-products can be delivered to any possible customer around the globe. And quantities can range from full 20- or 40-feet containers to a few hundred bags.
Testing and analysing
MCSubstradd® facilitates his own research lab. In this lab we test all our incoming raw materials and finished products, for more information see Quality.
Besides, we offer the possibility to analyse compost from Phase I, II and III. For more information see NIR-Analyses.

We can help you with the questions about supplements, nutrition, mixing, analyses and any other questions you may have. Feel free to contact us:
Phone number office: +31 (0)478 638 238
Bart de Leeuw: +31 (0)6 4637 1621