MCSubstradd® is a new name for an old and proven product. Since 2008, MCSubstradd® regroups 2 existing brands for mushroom-supplements: MilliChamp® and Substradd®.

MilliChamp® started in the 1970's, based on a patent for production and use of delayed-release proteins. Since its start, MilliChamp® has been a reference in the mushroom-industry, famous for its quality, advanced research and innovation. Substradd® was developed by Wim Joosten, another pioneer and field-expert in mushroom-supplementation. In 2008 both brands have joined forces in MCSubstradd®, the new brand-name.
MCSubstradd® (a HAVENS-trademark) is produced at a dedicated part of the HAVENS-site in Maashees (The Netherlands). Our products are produced at a separate part of the large HAVENS-site on the Meuse-river in the south of the Netherlands. Where the mushroom supplement has been manufactured since the early 1990's in a 100% dedicated production-unit, from reception of the ingredients right up to filling of the bags or bulk-trucks.

Thus, MCSubstradd® combines cost-effectiveness to optimal product-quality. As part of HAVENS, MCSubstradd® can use all available research-facilities within the company. All mushroom-related projects are supervised by HAVENS Research staff.