Modern technology (like Near Infra Red Spectroscopy) provides an important source of information of the nutritional data of supplement or compost. MCSubstradd® uses NIR-technology to guarantee the same worldwide quality for every single production-lot or even every single bag. Thus, more relevant analyses (protein, moisture, nitrogen, volatile nitrogen, NDF, ADF, ADL, lignin) can be done in less time. Since 2013, MCSubstradd® also developed a new NIR Straw Line and Chicken Manure-Line.
At present, the MCSubstradd® NIR-correlation line, is used in: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy, Canada, USA and China
In 2016, over 90.000 compost samples were analysed with 25 machines.
For analysing, local employees do not need sophisticated training or education. After scanning the sample at your own firm, your employees directly log-in on our MSC-Compost Database and directly see the results of the scan. Within minutes, you will have the results!