​NIR Advantages

There are several general advantages of the NIR as compared to wet chemical analyses of a sample as follows:
  1. It is very quick, ready within 2 minutes;
  2. No sample preparation;
  3. No chemicals;
  4. No trained lab technician;
  5. Reliable;
  6. High repeatability;
  7. Inexpensive.
Advantages of analysing with NIR for composter:
  1. All compost samples can be analysed, every analysis gives all the parameters;
  2. Except the traditional parameters, the NIR distinguishes carbohydrates in Hemicellulose, Cellulose and Lignin, so the compost process can be followed;
  3. With the one machine Compost, Straw and Chicken manure can be analysed;
  4. Because the results are so quickly available, changes can be made quickly and the quality of the compost will be more consistent and can improve. Think about moisture management, adding more or less chicken manure, etc;
  5. The chicken manure line is for the quality control of the chicken manure. Moisture, N, ammonia and Ash can be analysed with this line.
Because samples are analysed with one method, compost can be compared worldwide. Besides, compost can be followed in time. How did parameters develop during the different processes. And what is the correlation between yield and several parameters. By importing the results of the analyses in an automatic database, you get a clear overview of the development of your compost.