NIR-compost database
The MCSubstradd®-database is designed for all types and qualities of compost, as an extra service to compost-producers. MCSubstradd® disposed of specific NIR-lines for Phase I-, II- and III-compost, acquired after intensive research and lab-analyses of thousands of samples.
With the MCSubstradd® compost correlation line, the following parameters can be analysed:
  • Moisture;
  • Crude protein;
  • pH;
  • Ashes;
  • TVN: Total Volatile Nitrogen;
  • ADF: Acid Detergent Fibre (the % slowly digestible fibres);
  • NDF: Neutral Detergent Fibres;
  • ADL: Acid Detergent Lignine.
With the last three parameters, we can characterise the carbohydrates of the compost, the most important food source of the mycelium. The whole compost process is about breaking down carbohydrates and make it and organic nitrogen available for the mycelium. Analysing this is a step forward.
Chicken Manure
To check the quality of Chicken Manure for composting, MCSubstradd® developed the NIR CM-Line. With this calibration line the Moisture, Ash, Nitrogen and Ammoniac of the Chicken Manure can be analysed.
Raw Material
The biggest and most important raw material of the compost is straw or hay. With the MCS NIR RM-Line (Raw Materials) the quality of these Raw Materials (straw of wheat, rye, rice, peas, rapeseed and barley, but also hay and straw from horse manure) for composting can be predicted. We have parameters for the structure, water absorption capacity and nutritional value. The NIR RM-Line is the only tool in the world which helps you to judge straw better and make a more constant compost.