MCSubstradd® benefits

MCSubstradd® is based on a wide variety of protein-sources and vegetable ingredients; soybeans and soybean-meal as the most important ones. Delayed-release protein-technology, developed in the 1970's and further improved ever since. Transport to our factory is done by large river-vessels, in order to prevent transport-contamination and reduce transport-costs.
At the MCSubstradd®-production plant, all individual ingredients and components are collected and stored separately thanks to an advanced contamination-free reception-system. Besides that, we facilitate our own nutrition, mixing, filling and transport. Lines are kept short, so we can save time and facilitate a good service for our customers. 

1. The best price/quality ratio
Because we are located near the river Maas and our big turnover, we can purchase high quality raw materials for a competitive price;   

2. Big and firm white mushrooms with the highest ROI
MCSubstradd® supplements give yield increases up to 30% and an average yield increase of 4KG per square meter;

3. High quality garantued
The HAVENS production location is the only production location for mushroom supplements worldwide which is GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice + HCCAP) certified;

4. In-house laboratory
We analyse our incoming raw materials and our outgoing finished products;

5. Custom made products
MCSubstradd® has an extended range of supplements, even custom made products. A guarantee for the optimum mushroom-supplement for your compost;

6. Compost analysing
MCSubstradd® puts a lot of effort and money in research and development. Our NIR lines for analysing compost, chicken manure and straw are worldwide standards. 90.000 compost samples were analysed with the NIR in 2016;

7. A reliable partner
HAVENS was founded in 1845, the 7th generation is now in charge. A reliable company for almost 175 years;

8. A reference in the industry
MCSubstradd® sells worldwide and works together with the best companies in the industry. For you a guarantee that we have an answer for almost all your questions.