Best value for Money

Due to our large-scale production, low production-costs and 30-years experience, we are convinced, MCSubstradd® Mushroom-supplements offers the best 'Value-for-Money' for your firm. With a 10% up to 30% yield-increase, we are sure our supplements can contribute considerably to the economical success of your firm or mushroom-business.

All MCSubstradd®-products are fully balanced regarding nutritional content: protected proteins, nitrogen, carbohydrates, lipids, crude fibre, micronutrients, etc. Our supplements are made of a wide range of compost-stable protein-sources, that guarantee a substantial better yield. We only use high quality raw materials for our mushroom-supplements, according to HACCP and GMP+. Our supplements can be divided in supplementation at spawning and supplementation at casing. Both supplements will result in an increase of the yield and quality of the mushrooms.
Field-tests provide important sources of information to improve our slow-release protein nutrients. For this, our only 15-kilometer distance to Horst, capital of the European Mushroom-industry has been a great help.