MCS NIR-Workshop 2012 Budapest Hungary

In January MCSubstradd organised the first International NIR workshop in Budapest, Hungary. The 12th and 13th of January about 25 of worlds most well known composters and mushroom growers attended this workshop, well hosted by the Mutsy family at their compostfacilty in Aporka near Budapest.
This workshop was special organised for those composters who use the NIR analysis to control and improve their compost.
The workshop started with a warm welcome by Joris Kaanen, Director of Havens, who explained the importance of MCSubstradd for Havens and the commitment of Havens to the mushroom industry. But Joris also explained that times are changing. Raw material for supplements have doubled in price since 2000, like oil and gold. But MCSubstradd prices decreased and to pay for our efforts in research in compost and product development we need reasonable margins, like everyone in the industry.

Jos Zegers, NIR specialist of Masterlab Boxmeer, explained the working of Near Infrared Analysis and how accurate it works for the analysis of compost.
Geert Lemmers, compost specialist of Sylvan, gave a presentation about the interaction of Agaricus mycelium and compost.
After touring the state of the art compost facility of Bio-Fungi Dr. Hajdú Csaba made us clear that there is a long history of mushroomgrowing and research in Hongary and Arpad Mutsy showed us there is still a future for the Mushroom industry.
After visiting the growing facility of Bio-Fungi the next morning Bart de Leeuw gave his presentation about the Use of the NIR in compost and the use of the parameters.
The workshop was moderated by Marc den Ouden.
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