Polish conference in Dobron

On the 11th of October MCSubstradd organised a conference at the Kolumna Park Hotel in Dobron, together with EuroMycel, Agro Projects, Magik, Torfan and Stockmeier Gruppe. Nearly 100 participants joined us that day.
Guido Stevens talked about the wide range of slow-release mushroom supplements. He also gave a new look on the NIR-analysing and the new developments that are going on at the moment.
Since the NIR-Conference last May MCSubstradd made some new steps with analysing with the NIR, but also how to work with all these numbers.
Krystian Szudyga summarised the presentations of all the organising companies and round them up with some comments.
The day ended with a presentation from Regis Radureau a whine-expert from France. All participants could experience the French cheese and wine.